Focus: Interview with Chamos (NL)

May 11, 2022

Hey guys, thanks for having us. We loved every second of our time in Rome!

How did your project start and how long have you known each other?Shalouw and Guido met at the age of 12/13 in high school. After spinning decks for a while, we created CHAMOS at the beginning of 2018 because we felt the urgency to develop our ideas for club tracks that we could play in our DJ sets. It was at this time that Pieter joined the group, and there was an instant musical and friendly connection.

What do you want to express with your music?CHAMOS means "friends," and this is the core of our existence. By combining different influences from around the world in our music, we try to create a new, unique club experience where we can make new friends.

What is it like to be a DJ in the Netherlands?

Since the Netherlands is such a small country with a highly developed nightlife scene, there is a party every weekend in every corner of the country. For a DJ, this means that there are many opportunities, and you can do multiple shows in one night in different cities.

Amsterdam-Rome, what are the similarities and differences in the urban environment between the two cities?We think that both cities love being part of a community and people love to party. One difference we noticed is that Amsterdam is very prone to polyhedral parties where DJs play different genres mixed together, while Rome is more focused on one genre. On the other hand, the crowd in Rome is much more outgoing, and we loved that.

What artistic influences can we find in your music?When we started this project, we admired FS Green a lot; so, it was really fantastic to have the opportunity to work with him last year. Other artists and producers who inspire us these days are BenjiFlow and Mura Masa.

How did the collaboration with Touch The Wood start?Our collaboration with TTW started during the pandemic when Marco contacted us to make a mixtape for their radio show. When we checked out the platform, we were immediately impressed and decided to take part in the initiative. After this, we kept in touch, and when the pandemic was over, we immediately contacted the guys from Touch The Wood because we were organizing our tour.

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