Focus: Interview with Security

March 9, 2021

1. Mattia, you are one of the leading figures of your generation in the Roman and non-Roman music scene. Do you see yourself as a spokesperson for your peers?

Being able to become a spokesperson for my generation is a huge step and also means great responsibility. The weight of what the greats of Roman rap have done before is huge, and now we have to write the future. What I can tell you is that I am ready to the fullest, and I am sure we will have fun.

2. Your project initially gained traction on SoundCloud, a platform that over the years has allowed many emerging artists to become known and spread their styles and ideas. How important is online distribution for an artist today? Do you think it is superfluous to still talk about street credibility in a now global context?

Today's times certainly presuppose that an artist should have an online space, useful especially for himself, because it offers great possibilities to spread the music. On the other hand, I believe that moving "physically", attending events, making connections, is the most important thing for an artist. Just being online is not enough. As for street credibility, everyone has a story to tell, and the important thing is that it is their own story, not someone else's, not because someone else says so. In general, the best thing an artist can do is to throw themselves out there in the most authentic way possible, without ever losing themselves.

3. You have been frequenting the artistic and musical culture environments of Rome since the beginning of your career. What does the "Roma underground" represent for you, and what has it given you so far on a personal level?

This city is responsible for what I am today, both in a negative and positive sense. I am proud to be from Rome. On a personal level, there is no competition, we Romans have no equals. From an artistic and musical point of view, the environments in the capital city certainly offer great opportunities, being a big city, but it is mainly due to the solid legacy left by those who have made history here that we can now talk about the Roman scene. For me, Rome is home, a place full of ideas and deep emotions, but at the same time, you have to know how to handle it. Living in the suburbs gives you a different perspective, and what Rome has taught me, above all, is spontaneity, as well as the spirit of adaptation and, not least, the fever to always do something. No time to waste.

4. You are a fan of TruceKlan, a collective that has marked the history of national rap. What themes or sound influences from the Truce boys can we find in your lyrics?

Absolutely, I approached rap with TruceKlan. The thing I recognize most about them is the fact that they never compromised, that they always grinded. That's the only way a real cult can be created, ignoring trends, targets, pushing only their shit, being guided by passion. It's incredible how some lyrics can give such a strong insight into certain situations that are experienced here in Rome, and in my opinion, only those who live certain realities can fully understand. In terms of attitude, Noyz taught me a lot, he's a machine. Even today, those songs still resonate in my head, and I don't think I'll ever be able to leave them behind, they'll always stay with me as baggage.

5. Tell us about your experience at Future States organized by Touch The Wood.

I had the pleasure of doing a set with my brother Gengar at Future States last year, first try! I certainly hope there will soon be another opportunity to jump back to a night like that. Great atmosphere and above all, the Touch the Wood guys are always amazing, working hard to make sure each night is a success. In my opinion, one of the most valid realities in Italy.

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