Focus: Interview with TY1

May 4, 2021

1. Gianluca, in your thirty-year career, you have experienced various musical eras. What do you think of the current state of things, especially considering the two must-haves of today's market: streaming and social media?

I think the ability to work faster and collaborate with artists from around the world without even seeing each other is definitely a pro. Just like I did for many collaborations on my album. On the other hand, there is definitely a rush to release, break out immediately, be blinded by fame and making money, etc. Unfortunately, this puts aside the apprenticeship, experience, sacrifice, research, and study, things that were fundamental and a priority for the growth of an artist in the past.

2. In Italy, in recent years, we have seen a rapid spread of the Urban culture, which has also touched the mainstream audience. Do you think this has led to growth in the entire environment?

It has certainly helped us a lot to spread our music. For me, it's cool to play Italian stuff in clubs, usually only American hits were played. At the same time, when something becomes too mainstream and easy, you can also lose quality in the product.

3. What artistic movements, not only musical but also cinematographic or pictorial, have influenced your production and your being in general the most?

Certainly, cinema in general has always influenced me. The title of my album is inspired by Tarantino's DJANGO :) I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine and not only. Oriental culture fascinates me a lot, one of my dreams is to have my own small restaurant of traditional Japanese cuisine in the future. That's why it's called Taiwan (TY1).


4. Where does the idea of DJUNGLE come from? Starting from the title to the communication campaign on Instagram. What do you want to express with this concept?

DJUNGLE comes from the title, a DJ in the urban jungle. I come from Salerno, a small city in the south. When I started, hip hop music was practically only on a few cassettes.

The concept is a child who, in the suburbs, often abandoned to itself, finds music and something to believe in. The cover is like the child imagines his jungle, his neighborhood.

5. What sounds can we expect from your new album? Did you choose them also based on possible live performances?

DJUNGLE is an urban album with various shades ranging from old school to trap to baile to house. These genres are exactly what I play and it is certainly an URBAN album. I chose the artists I like to work with whom I have worked for years, with others, I wanted to experiment with something new. I hope to be able to perform live with some of them. Maybe with various stages. Who knows.

6. You are a versatile DJ because you have a complete understanding of many musical genres. The album's lineup includes the best Italian rappers. Can we say, without too much beating around the bush, that it will be a rap album? Or will you lead them towards new experiments and new sounds?

DJUNGLE is an URBAN album. I think my productions are always recognizable, whether it's a remix or a production for some singer. This has always been my goal. For years, I have had a team with whom I work, two brothers from Salerno who live in London and are called PARISI, they are really strong, and with them, I found an amazing work flow, a different and very personal sound. To finish a track, I lose my mind until it's perfect. I am very meticulous.

7. What characteristics did you consider in selecting the components of the album? Describe your mood leading up to this release.

All very natural, I made a lot of beats, and depending on the sound, I thought about who could fit better. Like a tailor-made dress. Right now, I am following all the promotions with my THAURUS and BELIEVE team, whom I thank. They are doing a great job. I feel a bit tired, but I am still producing new stuff. I don't stop.


8. What do you see for live performances in the future? Considering the current pandemic scenario, do you think we can return to experiencing events with lightness and carefreeness, in short, "as before"?

Seeing live shows in Florida, it seems so. A DA BABY concert a few days ago was totally normal, as if COVID didn't exist, so I really hope so.

9. On March 6, 2020, you were supposed to perform at GOA in Rome for the Touch The Wood event, practically the first event canceled due to the pandemic. What were your feelings about it?

I always think about it, I will remember it for life because everything ended from there on. I hope to start again soon like everyone else and return to playing at GOA for TTW, one of the most stylish and influential parties for the Italian URBAN scene in the Roman club par excellence

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