Focus: Interviews with Kira

February 4, 2022

Nicolò, thanks to your first releases, you were immediately noticed in the Roman and national music scene. Starting from the basics, I would like to ask you where your stage name Kira comes from and how you approached music. In short: who is Kira?

I approached music around 13-14 years old, as a game I would say, because at that age you can't take it seriously. I have a picture in my head of that period: ten of us freestyling under a gazebo. The name Kira comes from there, all my friends had a name inspired by the anime world, I chose Kira and that's how it stayed.

In this initial phase of your journey, we can see concrete and descriptive lyrics that communicate an extremely deep message, often oriented towards the denunciation of social discomfort. How important is writing in your artistic work?

Leaving a message that is negative or positive to the listener is fundamental for me, I don't like to think that someone listens to my music and remains indifferent. I always try to argue in the best possible way what's on my mind so that everyone can understand it.

In the contemporary Rap/Trap scene, the figure of the producer is becoming increasingly important. What was it like working with Gengar and Depha?

Gengar is one of my best friends, I used to go to his place and we'd be locked up in his room smoking and making beats, so we started making music together and "Brutta Situa", my first official EP, was born during that time. Thanks to that project we met Depha, who invited us to the studio two years ago in the midst of the pandemic. We immediately hit it off and "Street", my second EP co-produced entirely by both of them, came out without too many expectations. Today we're doing great stuff together and I think it will continue to be so!


Which artists have influenced you the most both in the way you write and in the attitude with which you approach everyday life? Who would you like to collaborate with?

I grew up listening to a lot of Italian rap, if I had to make a couple of names that are reference points for me, I would say Truceklan and Fibra, some of their albums completely changed me.

Obviously, you make a real culture of the genre by listening to overseas stuff, among all my favourite is Fifty, a king on the mic and also off it, like him there are few. Who would I like to collaborate with? I won't tell you, it's bad luck! (laughs, ed.)


Rome is very present in your lyrics. What is this city for you?

I have a love-hate relationship with this city, I think like anyone who lives in Rome. I've never left for a long time, and I would like to try even if I know I would miss it and come back instantly. It's a difficult city to live in, especially in the suburbs, but at the same time it can be a source of great inspiration. It's inevitable to mention Rome if I really want to tell who I am.

You have collaborated with various artists from the Roman scene such as Security and the Wing Klan. What do you think in general of the current hip-hop scene in the Capital?

I believe that the Roman scene, after a moment of pause, is coming back strongly. I hope that 2022 can represent a turning point in this sense for me and all my brothers, we need to bring Rome to the center of the rap scene.


TOUCH THE WOOD has always been at the forefront of supporting urban realities in Rome. What do you think of this reality and how important is live music for an artist?

I've known TTW for many years, sometimes you didn't even let me in (laughs, ed.), it's a reality that in my opinion deserves the success it has. We all know how important live performances are for artists, it's a way to close the circle, release an album and then take it live, I hope this period of stoppage passes soon! So we can go out and smash everything

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