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Touch The Wood® believes that intentional creativity and thoughtful execution, achieved through a collaborative method, are essential for creating valuable experiences for people.

Our primary focus is on creating for the overall humane Experience, using a blend of physical and digital mediums to deliver strategic and creative solutions.

We strive to challengE traditional art and design paradigms and push limits to create innovative and effective outcomes that guide you into the future.

art & creative direction

  • Develop creative solutions that capture the brand's essence
  • Consider all aspects, including visual style and emotional impact
  • Cover the entire creative process from idea to execution
  • Ensure all elements align with the brand's identity and objectives
  • Help projects stand out and engage target audiences in a meaningful way


  • Plan based on business needs and market conditions.
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses, competitors and growth opportunities.
  • Services include market research, business planning, product development, branding, marketing. 
  • Help create roadmap for success, set measurable goals/targets, and establish clear plan of action.

Event Production & Logistics 

  • Complete event management from ideation to execution and PR activities.
  • Team works with sponsors, DJs and artists to plan and execute events.
  • Creation of unique and memorable experiences for our clients.


TTW agency
  • Specialized services, including brand identity, UI/UX, product, graphic, 3D & motion graphics and web design.
  • Our solutions are innovative, creative, functional, user-friendly, and effective.
  • We work collaboratively with clients to understand their needs, goals, and target audience.

club experience

  • Our passion for reinvention is reflected in every event we host.
  • We integrate the club experience into everything we do.
  • We strive for unique and memorable experiences through creative ideas, social content, communication strategy, collaborations with local and international brands, DJs and artists.

brand affiliation

  • We provide brand affiliation services to create strong connections between your brand and complementary brands.
  • We have experience and an extensive network of contacts to select the right partners for your business, in order to reach advantageous and lasting collaboration opportunities.
  • Our Strategy enhances synergies between brands and creates a network of solid and successful relationships.
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