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Touch The Wood: an underground reality by Marco G. & Mr. Kite. Since 2007, their goal has been to create and innovate, leading anyone who reaches out to their vision to be rapidly projected into an ever-evolving future.
Involved in the Italian and international music scene for years, they turn every show into a way of shouting out to the world their musical aptitude and continuous desire to reinvent themselves.
Despite continuous research and innovation, the past never dies, instead it becomes the source for the search for unique creative solutions.
Their sound is a mix of hip hop, uk drill, trap, soul and baile funk, full of edits, with a strong desire to make their mark, to reveal an often-hidden world.


Samuel Chinapah, also known as MRCHINA, is a DJ and producer from Rome. With Mauritian origins and growing up in the suburbs, Samuel has been surrounded by jazz, soul, and rock CDs from his father and MP3s from his older brother, who introduced him to the world of hip hop. After experimenting with different musical instruments in his adolescence, he discovered the world of DJing through TTW in 2018 and has been playing ever since. He later had the opportunity to join Touch The Wood's DJ roster. His preferred genres range from hip hop, baile funk, and afrobeat, all held together by smooth jazz and soul vibes.


Luca Capaldo, also known as RDSBD (red is bad), is a Naples-based DJ and curator. He made his name around in the past by constantly posting mixtapes and projects on SoundCloud, connecting with artists (DJs - producers - beatmakers) and some independent radio stations.

His sound is strictly focused on Old School Club Hip-Hop and more underground genres like: Future Beats, Brazilian Funk, Afro, Batida, and Electronic music.


Francesco Zigrossi, also known as Lady The Murder, is an Italian artist, producer, and DJ. He started working as a producer and DJ, collaborating with emerging artists and professionals in the industry. He also founded a recording studio where he works with singers, videomakers, graphic designers, and creatives of all kinds to create innovative and engaging projects. His passion for music led him to become a resident DJ for Touch The Wood, collaborating with important brands such as Bulldog Gin and Philippe Model, as well as Unknown UK and Soho House. Thanks to his extensive experience in the music industry and his ability to carefully listen to clients' needs, Lady The Murder has gained a reputation as a highly professional and reliable artist and producer.


Matteo Porcarelli, also known as Matthew Wrld, has been a part of the TTW mob since summer 2020, but he approached to it long before, in 2018. His journey with Touch The Wood started almost by chance:”I began going to their events alone and always positioned myself behind the console because the energy that the "creators" - Marco G. and Mr Kite - transmitted fascinated me from the beginning. Sometimes it seemed as if they became one with each other and finally with the console. I'm proud to be part of the best collective in Italy when it comes to hip-hop/trap/edit/baile scene. I can't wait to make you passionate about my DJ sets, just like the founders did with me

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